Jill Meager artist. Fox cub 4 pastel drawing

Foxcub 5

Hi, welcome to 2022! I have three works in the Wild and Wonderful exhibition at the 508 Gallery in London’s King Road opening Monday January

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Miss Marple the 4:50 from Paddington

Agatha Christie

I starred as Lucy Eylesbarrow in this BBC film and just received this lovely feedback from a buyer in New York:

It was a shred of good fortune that I chanced upon Jill Meager’s website and archive of revealing artwork. It was the first time in my life that the face of a lamb drew my gaze and the first time that I was hooked on the “eye” of a Robin or any bird, for that matter; not a “cold eye” but a “youthful eye” that seemed intent upon something.

Then I became even more amazed to discover from a previous comment by a gentleman that she had an acting career (with a specific reference to 4:50 FROM PADDINGTON). I confess that as long as I had been aware of the MISS MARPLE series I avoided it. It was downright prejudice on my part. Coming from PBS, I was dead certain it was “Culture.” Since my mindset was shaken recently by this coincidence I relented and can only admit that my bullheadedness kept me from an excellent series all these years.

Naturally, the first episode I watched was 4:50 FROM PADDINGTON (several times) and I agree that Jill Meager was the “Highlight” of the show. For one thing, it is one of the few Agatha Christie stories that I have a clear recollection of reading and my memory of Lucy Eyelesbarrow was a handsome woman (32 years old); not enough information to foster my imagination. To her credit, Jill Meager achieved an “Art Gallery Portrait.”

    Sincerely (and I do mean “Sincerely”)

    John Fedinatz