Walking at Balnakiel

Abstract Collections

Until recently, my practice has been all about the animals and birds that I encounter on my travels around the UK and especially in Scotland where I lived as a child. 

Then last year up on both the West and East Coasts of Scotland and this year on Orkney, as well as the animals and birds, I started sketching the extraordinary locations I found myself in. I have always been curious about abstraction and moving away from precise detail. It is a much more internal process, drawing on my feelings and reactions to a setting and using shapes and colours in a completely different way.

Here you can find my new collection of abstract landscapes. They are inspired by the colours and shapes of the sea and sky, the harbours, the beaches, the villages, fields and forests, the Neolithic remains, and even the de-commissioned oil rigs off the East Coast. They are all small works, in either acrylic, collage or mixed media on paper. 

“Just wanted to say I really like Diving Deep. I get a real sense of depth and movement and feel drawn into it.”

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Crossing to Scotland

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Night at Stromness

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